The Rich Variety of Fall

It has been a busy fall on the photographic front. And a wonderfully diverse one.

Like most people, I get bored with monotony, so it has been great to be shooting all sorts of assignments and projects this season, from picnics and forest walks, to senior pictures, real estate, and studio headshots. I even got to do some landscape chasing around the back roads of the Northeast Kingdom, exploring realms I had never before visited.

Ok, enough. Here are a few of my favorite photos from this fall. Enjoy.

Golden exterior. A dusk shoot of a B&B on the market.


Forest Walk with Vermont Land Trust, near Groton State Forest.

Headshot of Bob (he of V-flat fame) for an local art project I threw in a bid on.


Goats at Pine Island Farm.

Theogène with chicken, at Pine Island Farm.

Senior portrait: Angus.

Senior Portrait: Lyvia.

Sunrise on Nichols Ledge.

Shadow Lake.


Monarch butterfly at VLT Annual Picnic.


Berlin home for sale.




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