Publication Quality Imagery

Architecture & Real Estate

I capture interior and exterior spaces with publication-quality imagery, bringing to bear three decades of experience in photography, photo editing, and magazine publishing. Please examine my portfolio to see the quality of imagery you will receive.

  • I will handle your job personally from start to finish, so you can be assured of both quality and timeliness (typically, photos are delivered within 48 hours).
  • I carry $1 million in business liability insurance.
  • My pricing is based on the size of your property. Larger luxury homes and commercial projects are subject to quotation.


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Selling your own home and thinking of doing the photography yourself (or maybe you are a realtor and think you can save money by doing your own photography work)? You should know that studies have repeatedly shown that using superior professional photography in real estate listings correlates with faster sales and higher average prices.

For more information, read this, which also contains helpful tips on how to prepare (or “stage”) your home to make the best first impression online.

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