I offer two options for your portraiture investment:

Option 1: Create a Custom Collection

A Custom Collection allows you to customize a portrait package according to your specific needs. What is more, a Custom Collection includes ALL digital files from your session.

With a Custom Collection, you must choose at least one item from A and one item from B below.

A. Choose a Signature Product

B. Choose Digital Files

  • All Files (low-res, printable to 8 x 10) – $395*
  • All Files (high-res, normally printable to at least 16 x 24) – $625*
    (High resolution files include a complimentary image box with all session proofs)


* Photo retouching costs are additional and quoted on a per-case basis, depending upon the end product desired. Prices tend to range from $10-30 per photo, depending upon the amount of work to be done. Photos included in Heirloom Album or Portrait Folio have retouching included in the fees.


Option 2: A La Carte

This option offers no printed product. It is a print-on-your-own option and it will cost you quite a bit more per image than what you get with a Custom Collection. Any retouching fees are additional.

  • 12 Files (printable to 8 x 10) – $395
  • 20 Files (printable to 30 x 40) – $795




No matter the output option, whenever we provide your USB drive of high-resolution images, we also upload your images to a private online gallery that links to our professional lab. They will provide you with a printed product that is on par with what we would print for you ourselves. This printer is a pro-level lab, so they will match the color calibration information in the files and properly print the images. Their prices are competitive with other consumer labs and they ship right to your front door. If you find self-printing intimidating, we will guide you through the process. It’s easy, really.