Let’s Get Serious About Headshots

You only have a few moments to make a good impression

Shouldn’t it be the best it can be?

A selfie (or even a friendie) is not a professional way to present yourself to the world.

A professional headshot (view my portfolio here) costs less than you think, is completely painless (guaranteed), and has a far greater impact than you would ever expect (especially if your competitors are entrusting their fate to selfies).

Actually, I try very hard to make your headshot session not only useful and instructive, but fun. And fast!

We will meet in my Montpelier studio and collaborate for about 30 minutes, with the goal of showing you in the best possible light. You will get to preview and select your images as we work, and even have time for a quick change of clothing if you want to go for two “looks.”

Give me a call and let’s get this thing started.


Reserve Your Headshot Session

Who Needs a Headshot?

See if you qualify

Anyone who:

  • offers professional services
  • feels that their image is important to their company and/or career
  • has a headshot that is more than two years old
  • has a LinkedIn or other social media profile
  • is looking for a new position
  • can’t remember the last time they had a headshot
  • recently changed their look
  • is using a selfie as a headshot
  • has never had a professional headshot

Here’s how a headshot session works

  • SET UP We begin by finding a date and time that works with your busy schedule. Once we figure that out, I will send you all the necessary paperwork electronically. A couple of clicks and you’ll be all set.
  • EXPECTATIONS We’ll chat briefly by email or phone so I can get an idea of the image type you are looking for, what business you work in, what you are seeking to communicate, etc. It helps me to get a few things prepped so everything is ready to get to work when you arrive.
  • THE SESSION We begin by checking the lighting and making some adjustments for your height and clothing, etc. Then I will take a series of images of you facing in different directions. This helps us hone in on your best angles. I will have the camera tethered up to a laptop or iPad, so you can see the results yourself on a larger screen, in real time.
  • DOWN TO BUSINESS Once that is out of the way, we really start shooting, focusing on a few poses. In the process, I will show you some tricks of posing and micro-expressions to help you present the exact look you are going for. My goal with professional headshots is to create an image that shows you as confident and authoritative, yet approachable.
  • CHANGES? Typically, in a 30-minute session, you can fit in two different “looks” if you like (different shirt/top; with or without sport coat, etc.).
  • PREVIEWS During the process of shooting, we may pause to review the results, so we can hone in on poses you like and take more of those.
  • POST Within about 48 hours of you walking out my studio door, you will receive a link to an online gallery of un-retouched photos from our session. You will select up to six of these as final selections. Then I will lightly retouch* these and make the final images available (in color and black and white) in your gallery, where you can download them and use them for professional purposes. You may of course choose more than six photos; each additional retouched photo costs just $25.

That’s it. I strive to make this process efficient, relaxed, and even a bit fun. You will learn some things that will help you look better in group and posed photos in future, and you will come away with a series of images that will help you present a better you to the world.

* “Lightly retouched” means I will correct flyaway hairs, simple blemishes, forehead or nose shine, muffin crumbs that stuck to your shirt, etc., and also brighten your eyes and teeth. If anything more advanced is required, that will entail an additional fee, to be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding.

Creative Fees

Headshot Session
$125in studio
  • A 30-minute session in the studio designed to capture a professional headshot for branding, online profiles, and corporate brochures.
  • The headshot creation fee formally books your appointment and includes your session in studio (or, if you choose, at a downtown location with a background you love), post-session processing and preparation of your images, and at least six photos for downloading and printing via an online gallery.
Portrait Session
$225in studio or on location
  • A 60-minute session on location or in the studio to create the perfect photographic art for your space. This can include a wall portrait, an heirloom album, a portrait folio, and digital images.
  • The portraiture creation fee formally books your portrait appointment and covers the pre-session consultation in person or by phone, your portrait session, post-session processing, and preparation of your images and a private viewing/ordering appointment at our studio. It does not include any prints, digital files, or products.