This summer was the sixth I have been involved with the amazing Festival Napa Valley, and the fourth where I photographed and coordinated the work and output of other photographers.

Those inside the organization liken FNV to a marathon, and the analogy is apt. All year long we train and prepare for a week and a half of frenzied activity – something on the order of putting on 40 weddings over 12 days. Only 40 weddings would be easy, because they’re all the same thing. The festival puts on mass concerts and intimate recitals, vast dinner events and jewel-studded luncheons, a hugely ambitious live auction and a 80+ vendor Taste of Napa, all spread across the gorgeous landscape of Napa Valley.

This year the team was bigger and better than it has ever been and it ran like a finely oiled machine, staging amazing concerts, jaw-dropping gastronomic events, and raising gobs of money to support the Arts for All initiative, to give Napa Valley students access to quality arts education.

Oh, and Sophia Loren stopped by to honor Margrit Mondavi.

In all, there were six still photographers capturing the festival’s events this year, and together we gathered about 6100 images over the 12 days of the festival (that’s one image every 2.8 minutes, but then who’s counting?): Bob McClenahan, Susana Bates, Drew Altizer, Devlin Shand, Claudine Gossett, and myself. You can see the full highlights reel over here (click through to see daily best shot collections). Below I share about 20 personal favorites from my own captures.



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