Last weekend I was exploring the backroads of southwestern Vermont. I scouted many excellent sites for future visits through the coming seasons, met some really interesting people (best meal: Eggs Norway Style at Bob’s Diner), and had a great time shooting the Brubeck Brothers Quartet concert at Manchester’s Southern Arts Center. As I was looking back […]

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Moon Shot

I WAS HALFWAY down the steep, rocky trail when I first heard their quiet voices floating up the path. It was 7:30 in the morning and I had been utterly alone on this peak for the last two hours, having risen early to catch the setting of the harvest moon over Mount Equinox. It had been […]

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Yelena Dyachek

Festival Napa Valley

This summer was the sixth I have been involved with the amazing Festival Napa Valley, and the fourth where I photographed and coordinated the work and output of other photographers. Those inside the organization liken FNV to a marathon, and the analogy is apt. All year long we train and prepare for a week and […]

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Montpelier Birdfest

I heard about this weekend’s Birdfest and, knowing nothing about birding but having run through the fields of the North Branch Nature Center many many mornings, I thought it might be an interesting opportunity to do a different sort of event shoot. I only have a 300mm zoom, which did not bring the warblers and […]

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The Spine of Russia

Our epic Russian-American road trip from the Barents to the Black Sea is now over. We accumulated 6,000 kilometers, 3,500 photos, 100,000 words, and experiences to fill several volumes. Some of the stories were posted on our blog during and immediately after the trip. I have posted a few of my favorite photos below. This winter, we […]

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Just Add Water

I admit it, I have a routine. Not a rut, a routine. What I like to do on a Saturday or Sunday is roll out of bed about an hour before sunrise, make a thermos full of coffee, grab a quick bite, then hop into the car and plunge into the murky darkness, hugging the […]

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Buried Stories

A few nights ago, I went out during Blue Hour to explore and shoot at a fascinating graveyard here in town, St. Augustine’s. I was looking for texture and the deep, saturated colors that can be found at this time of day. I found something else as well… The Catholic cemetery sits on a hill, facing west to […]

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Tomatoes are in the ground, mosquitoes have been sighted and swatted, and we have even had a few hot spells and thunderstorms. It all adds up to summer in Central Vermont. And right on time, this year’s long, dark winter notwithstanding. The warmer weather has had me itching to get out on the weekends and do […]

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Burr Morse

Sweet Maple

The first Morse family sugaring ancestor arrived in Cabot in 1789. For 150 years, the family tapped trees and boiled sap in Maple Corner. In 1952, the family moved to its current farm in East Montpelier. With over 60 years sugaring experience, Burr Morse is the family’s maple patriarch, as well as its boiler-in-chief. He […]

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Winter Road

Spring Has Sprung (almost)

Without a doubt, this was the longest, coldest winter in Vermont since we moved here 25 years ago. There were plenty of thoughts about places like Napa, Laguna Beach, Santa Fe and New Bern during the long, cold January nights… By February, it was more than a struggle to get out and shoot in the early […]

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Fall Photos

This fall has been a fruitful time for photos. And lucky. I can really only get out and shoot on weekends, and have not traveled far. But even a dozen or less miles from home there are always new treasures to find, if you pay attention to the light, the phases of the moon, the […]

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