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Photo features and short thoughts

I am a photographer who also happens to be a writer. And this is where I store posts about recent events and projects. For longer writing samples, hop over to the Articles and/or Books pages.

Scanning the Pasvik Valley for boreholes.

The Kola Superdeep Borehole

This is an excerpt from Driving Down Russia’s Spine, a book about three journalists’ (one American, two Russian) 6000-km trip […]

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The Other Montpelier

During a recent vacation out West, we were traveling toward Yellowstone along a Blue Highway, and became intrigued that the […]

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Is There a Seven-Second Rule?

You have seven seconds. As the internet would like you to know, this is how long you have to make […]

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Vermont Life

It is always exciting to see another issue of Vermont Life arrive in the mail. And not just because it […]

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Consistency Matters (A Quick Case Study)

We are visual creatures. Even when we tell stories orally, we like to “paint a picture,” set the scene, and […]

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Today is the day! After 2 years of work, over 30,000 kilometers and a month of traveling and interviewing centenarians […]

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The Rich Variety of Fall

It has been a busy fall on the photographic front. And a wonderfully diverse one. Like most people, I get […]

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Studio One

Come this fall, I have been doing photography professionally for about six years (and as a journalist for 20+). To […]

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More Joy, Less Judgment

I was procrastinating this morning, thinking of ways to avoid going out into the -2.9 degree weather (citing the temperature […]

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Liz at The DrawingBoard

Montpelier Merchants

I have started working on a Meet the Merchant project with Montpelier Alive, and along with environmental portraits of the […]

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Mountaintop Wedding

A week ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful marriage of Amanda and Brian (whom I met last […]

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Montpelier March

Today’s Women’s March on Montpelier brought the largest demonstration in memory to the capital (the Burlington Free Press estimated 15,000, SevenDays […]

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Amanda and Mike

Saving a Farm

Thanksgiving is a good time to think about where our food comes from, about what it takes to nourish and encourage […]

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Owl's Head at Dawn

On Top of Vermont

One of my favorite places in Vermont is Owl’s Head. It is in Groton State Park, and has a parking […]

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Brubeck Brothers Quartet

Brubecks in Vermont

This fall the Brubeck Brothers Quartet, a client, was scheduled to perform in Manchester, Vermont, so I headed south for […]

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Montpelier Panoramas

With the generous assistance of Ashley Witzenberger at Montpelier Alive, I been able to make a few forays up steep ladders, past spiderwebs and ancient clockworks, […]

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Last weekend I was exploring the backroads of southwestern Vermont. I scouted many excellent sites for future visits through the coming […]

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Moon Shot

I WAS HALFWAY down the steep, rocky trail when I first heard their quiet voices floating up the path. It was […]

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Yelena Dyachek

Festival Napa Valley

This summer was the sixth I have been involved with the amazing Festival Napa Valley, and the fourth where I […]

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Brotherhood of the Arrow

Faire Thee Well

In the heart of the Green Mountains, a sun swept field vibrates with the enthusiasm of a thousand devotees of broadswords, […]

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